Most Searched Luxury Hotels in 2012 in China

Sheraton Shanghai Hotel & Residences, Pudong (Shanghai, China) 4

Top 10 list

1. Sheraton
2. Hilton
3. Shangri-La
4. InterContinental
5. Westin
6. Four Seasons
7. The Peninsula
8. Kempinski
9. Nikko
10. Ritz-Carlton

Sheraton is the most popular luxury hotel brand on the internet in China, followed by Hilton and Shangri-la, according to a survey carried out between January and March this year. According to the survey, Sheraton, a Starwood brand, came on the top of the list with almost 14 percent of the overall searches. The report attributes the success of the brand to the fact that Sheraton was the first western hotel brand to arrive in China.

The searches covered over 68 brand names in more than 75 domestic and international destinations that were generated in mainland China in either Chinese or English. Over 91 pe cent came from Chinese search engine Baidu and around 9 percent came from Google.